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We are so confident in our ability to produce the highest quality custom trading pins that money can buy, and deliver them to you in a timely manner at the industry's absolute best pricing, that we offer the features and services above. Relax and browse through the informative pages of our website. We invite you to drop us a line or email us at [email protected]. One of our trained professionals is standing by to assist you with your custom trading pins design and purchase. We look forward to serving you today!


Bobbles are a second, smaller pin that attaches to the main pin via a spring. The bobble moves up and down or side to side at the slightest touch, giving your pin design an extra flair of motion!

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Add a dangler (or two, or three) to your pins to give your design extra motion and trading value. Danglers ensure your pins are highly sought-after at the trading table. Also, danglers make it easy to add a tournament win or state championship to an existing pin design!

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With a custom slider option on your pins, add extra motion to your design! Common sliders include a baseball or bat that moves as part of the design. Sliders make your pins extra desirable at a trading table or swap meet!

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Spinners are a smaller, secondary pin that attaches to your main pin design that spins when touched. Common spinners are baseballs, softballs, wheels, or other round items, however, spinners can be customized to be whatever shape you\'d like!

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Add some sparkle to your trading pin design with glitter! Available in a wide range of colors, glitter helps your pins stand out among the crowd. Add glitter for a small extra cost, and add big value to your trading pins!

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Blinkers add a tiny battery-powered LED light to your pin design. Common blinkers are the eyes of a mascot or team logo, but feel free to customize your blinkers however you see fit!

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Pin Option Pricing

Option pricing is by size. This pricing includes Spinners, Danglers, Bobbles and Sliders. Blinkers and glitters are priced flat by how many of each option is on the pin.

Option Size 100 200 300 400 500 600 750 1000 2000 3000 5000
.5" $0.77 $0.72 $0.67 $0.64 $0.62 $0.61 $0.60 $0.57 $0.54 $0.53 $0.52
.75" $0.83 $0.76 $0.71 $0.68 $0.66 $0.65 $0.64 $0.60 $0.57 $0.56 $0.56
1.00" $0.85 $0.81 $0.80 $0.75 $0.70 $0.67 $0.66 $0.65 $0.61 $0.58 $0.56
1.25" $0.91 $0.87 $0.86 $0.81 $0.75 $0.72 $0.71 $0.70 $0.66 $0.62 $0.60
1.50" $1.89 $1.59 $1.14 $1.01 $0.86 $0.84 $0.81 $0.69 $0.64 $0.60 $0.56
1.75" $1.99 $1.78 $1.39 $1.23 $1.06 $1.05 $1.02 $0.86 $0.76 $0.74 $0.69
2.00" $2.25 $1.87 $1.54 $1.38 $1.20 $1.17 $1.12 $0.99 $0.93 $0.89 CALL
Color Per Blinker
Red Blinker $0.99
Non-Red Blinker $1.98
Option Price
Glitter / Glow / Transparent Enamel $0.12 per color / per pin
Silkscreen Colors $0.19 per color / per pin
Simulated Gemstones $0.20 per gemstone / per pin


If you know what you're looking for or if you need assistance, fill out our free quote form, call us toll-free at 1-866-862-8842, or send an email to [email protected]. We’ll get started on a free digital proof of your pin design, as soon as you're ready!
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